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Tour and Hotel

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How to get the Conference site.

  1. Take a TAXI from Visby airport to Uppsala University. It takes less than 15 minutes but it costs more than 150SEK. Pleased take TAXI together.
  2. E22; Enter the Door of Park side. E22 is the corner of the inside CAFÉ.
  3. Restaurant : Enter the different side of the door in the same building E.
    Room B25&B26: Up to second floor using the ladder which is just front of the door. B25 and B26 are left turn.
  4. GGC is the next building of E22 building.
  5. Banquet site is in the Visby museum where is several minutes walk from  Uppsala University.

Keynote and Invited Talks

    Keynote 1: "Digital games and the illusion of learning"
    Assoc. Prof. Jonas Linderoth, University of Gothenburg

    Keynote 2: "Uppsala University and Department of Game design"
    Head of Department: Hans Svensson, Uppsala University

    Keynote 3: "Introduce Game Education and Industry in Sweden"
    Prof. Steven Bachelder, Uppsala University

    Invited talk 1: "Innovation on the Side: How Indie Games are Transforming a Medium"
    Colleen Macklin, Associate Professor, Art Media & Technology, Parsons The New School for Design

    Invited talk 2: "E-Yumi 3D -Bow Interface System for All Directions-"
    Masasuke Yasumoto, Tokyo University of Technology


May 30
GGC2014 (Gotland Game Coference)  jointedt by NICOGRAPH Conference
GGC Award Ceremony (19:30-20:30)
18:00 Registration Open  ( Temporary Open 10-13 for attending GGC) 
Welcome Party @Cafe in Library
19:30 Closing       

Day1 Day 1: May 31  @E22
Day 1: May31 @B26 Day 1 @ B25
8:30 Registration open    
9:00 Opening Ceremony; Chair Masyuki Nakajima
Opening Speech from Chair of NICOGRAPH    Prof.Takayuki Ito
9:10  Keynote Session    Chair Steven Bachelder
“Collaboration in Game Education and Industry in Sweden”
9:10 Keynote 1 “Digital games and the illusion of learning”
Assoc. Prof. Jonas Linderoth, University of Gothenburg
9:40 Keynote 2  “Uppsala University and Department of Game design ”
Head of Department: Hans Svensson, Uppsala University
10:00 Keynote 3 “Introduction of Game Education and Industry in Sweden ”
Prof. Steven Bachelder, Uppsala University
10:20  Invited talk 1
“Innovation on the Side: How Indie Games are Transforming a Medium”
Colleen Macklin, Associate Professor, Art Media & Technology,
Parsons The New School for Design
10:50 Coffee Break    
11:00 Session 1: Smulation ; Chair : Shinji Mizuno
(1)  Aortic Valve Simulation by Considering Heart's Pulsation and Axial Flow,  Nobuhiko Mukai, Yusuke Abe, Youngha Chang, Kiyomi Niki (Tokyo City University, Japan) and Shuichiro Takanashi (Sakakibara Heart Institure)

(2)  Procedural Interactive Water in Memory- and Performance-Constrained Systems.Jens Ogniewski(Linköping University, Sweden)

(3) Visual Simulation of Compressible Snow with Friction and Cohesion,Tetsuya Takahashi(UEI Research / Keio University, Japan), Issei Fujishiro(Keio University, Japan) and Tomoyuki Nishita(UEI Research / Hiroshima Shudo University, Japan)

(4) N-Person Minimax and Alpha-Beta Pruning,
Mikael Fridenfalk (Uppsala University, Sweden)
  Game Exhibition
12:20 Lunch @ School Cafeteria   Game Exhibition
13:30  Invited talk 2 for Game Exhibiton : Chair Kunio Kondo
“E-Yumi 3D -Bow Interface System for All Directions-”
Masasuke Yasumoto, Tokyo University of Technology
13:50 Poster Fast Track (9 posters)      Chair: Hiroki Taskahashi
(P-1)  A Study of Practical Use of 3DCG Techniques for Effective Information Sharing: Visualization of the Reconstruction Plan of Otsuchi,Iwate Prefecture from the Great East Japan Earthquake, Tomoya Ito(Hachinohe Institute of Technology), Kenji Sakakibara, Sachio Kurose(Iwate Digital Engineer Training Center), Ken Ohshida and Akio Doi (Iwate Prefectural University)

(P-2)  V-Shaped Highlight in 2D Animated Character's Hair for Real-Time 3DCG,Takafumi Kojima, Yuka Sato, Taichi Watanabe, Koji Mikami and Kunio Kondo (Tokyo University of Technology)

(P-3)  A Method for Quantifying Imprecise Expressions for Taste,Takafumi Suzuki, Masahiro Ura (Chukyo University), Mamoru Endo (Nagoya University), Takatoshi Naka, Masashi Yamada and Shinya Miyazaki (Cyukyo University)

(P-4)  A Video Presentation System for Confirmation of Figure Skating Performance,Marina Fujita, Ayano Shimoda, Tsuyoshi Taki and Junichi Hasegawa (Cyukyo University)

(P-5)  A New Electro Sound Field -An Assessment System Based on Adjectives and a New Model of Sound Perception-,
Makoto Miyahara (HMLAB), Minoru Mitsui (Institute of Technologist) and Masaki Hayashi (Uppsala University)
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   Poster Fast Track  ------> Cotinue from left colum;

(P-6)  Tablet Applications for Education using Astronomical Phenomena Simulation,Eri Akao, Takatoshi Naka (Cyukyo University), Mamoru Endo (Nagoya University), Masashi Yamada, Shinya Miyazaki (Cyukyo University), Kumiko Iwazaki (Kinjo Gakuin University), Katsuhiro Mouri (Nagoya City Science Museum) and Takami Yasuda (Nagoya University)

(P-7)  Experience-based Educational Contents Using Smart and Embedded Devices,Michihiro Kawamura, Takatoshi Naka, Masashi Yamada, Shinya Miyazaki and Mamoru Endo (Cyukyo University)

(P-8)  Visual Simulation of White Water and Texture Changes of Sand on a Beach,Yin Pengfei, Kouki Ito (Takusyoku University) and Tsukasa Kikuchi (Tokyo University of Technology)

(P-9)   Bangladeshi Facial Artistic Stylization,Md.Abul Kalam Azad (Begum Rokeya University), Ning Xie(Tokyo Institute of Technology), Shamin Ahmad (University of Rajshahi) and Masayuki Nakajima (Uppsala University)

Game Exhibition
14:00 Poster Presentation  @ Café area   Game Exhibition
15:00 Session 2:  Basic CG technology       Chair: Kouichi Konno
(1)  SEED: Sketch-Based 3D Model Deformation,
Xin Bao and Toby L.J. Howard (The University of Manchester, United Kingdom)

(2)  Halftone representation using cutting pattern for Choshi design system,
Natsuki Takayama and Hiroki Takahashi (the University of Electro-Communications, Japan)

(3)  Real-Time Screen-Space Liquid Rendering with Two-Sided Refractions,
Takuya Imai, Yoshihiro Kanamori, Yukio Fukui and Jun Mitani(University of Tsukuba, Japan)

(4)  One Workshop, Two Urban Games: Case Report on Education Models at the Intersection of Dance/Performance Art, Media Art and Game Design,
Iwona Hrynczenko (Uppsala University, Sweden) and Tomi Knuutila (University of Lapland, Finland)
Session 3 : Vision and Visualization     Chair: Shinya Miyazaki
(1-S)  A New Method of Unfolding Relic's Surface with Measured Point Cloud for Surface Pattern Visualization,
Zepeng Wang, Katsutsugu Matsuyama (Iwate University, Japan), Fumito Chiba (Lang Co., LTD.) and Kouichi Konno (Iwate University, Japan)

(2-S)  Enhancement of "Amazing Sketchbook" in 3DCG Generation and Interaction,
Nanako Kondo and Shinji Mizuno(Aichi Institute of Technology, Japan)

(3-S)  A Method of Automatic Video Synthesis for Comparing the Player Movements in Ski Competition,
Tatsuya Okuyama, Takafumi Kojima, Tomokazu Ishikawa, Masanori Kakimoto(Tokyo University of Technology, Japan) and Tomoyuki Nishita(UEI Research / Hiroshima Shudo University, Japan)

(4-S)  A new visualization method to display Makuranosoushi,
Yudai Moriya, Konomi Takahashi, Toshiaki Okumura, Kuniaki Yajima, Keimei Kaino(Sendai National College of Technology, Japan), Rie Ohara(Tohoku University, Japan) and Hitoshi Watanabe(Ichinoseki National College of Technology, Japan)

(5-S)  Camera-worked Video Generation from Multiple View Videos with Handheld Smart-phones,
Shiori Yamamoto, Shogo Tokai and Hiroyuki Hase(University of Fukui, Japan)
Panel Discussion:
“How to design attractive Game”

Chair: Kazunori Miyata

Kunio Kondo
Masasuke Yasumoto
16:20 Cofee Break Break  
16:40 Session 4 :  Basic CG Technology : Chair : Nobuhiko Mukai
(1-S)  A Solution to Inverse Interpolation in Computer Graphics,
Mikael Fridenfalk (Uppsala University, Sweden)

(2-S)  A System for Generating Choreography on Demand Using Dance Motion,
Asako Soga, Keisuke Tsuda(Ryukoku University, Japan) and Bin Umino(Toyo University, Japan)

(3-S)  Skirt Image Retrieval based on Sketch,
Shin-ichiro Kondou, Xiaoyang Mao and Masahiro Toyoura (University of Yamanashi, Japan)

(4-S)  A User-Controllable Deformation Method for a Viscoelastic Body Using Keyframes,
Ryota Takeuchi, Tomokazu Ishikawa, Masanori Kakimoto(Tokyo University of Technology, Japan) and Tomoyuki Nishita(UEI Research / Hiroshima Shudo University, Japan)
Session 5 : Vision and Visualization :
Chair : Yoshihiro Kanamori 
(1-S)  A Personal Photograph Browser Featuring Person Co-occurrence Based Representative Photograph Selection,Risa Yasuda, Ai Gomi and Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University, Japan)

(2)  A Novel Local Binary Pattern Feature for Robust Pedestrian Detection,Thao-Ngoc Nguyen and Kazunori Miyata (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)

(3-S ) Face cartoon generation based on parts-by-parts morphing,Akiko Komatsu and Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University, Japan)

(4)  MapSlider: A Property Based Interface for World Map Software,
Katsutsugu Matsuyama and Kouichi Konno (Iwate University, Japan)
Game Exhibition
18:30 Banquet @museum 
Welcome Speach : Hans Svensson 
Special talk; Ito ( Chiar of NICOGRAPH)
Miyata (Chiar of Art & Science ,Japan),         


  Day 2 :June 1  @E22
8:30 Registration open
9:00 Special Session 2  Chiar: Masaki Hayashi
“Introduction of Department of Game Design in Uppsala University”
9:00 1. Teaching Game Design at Uppsala University
Adam Mayes、Uppsala University
9:20 2.Research Activity in Convergent Media  Lab 
Masayuki Nakajima、Uppsala University
9:40 3.GGC: the Gotland Game Conference
Ulf Benjaminsson、Uppsala University
10:00 4. Motion Capture in Game Education: study of Uppsala University’s department
Nataska Statham , Uppsala University
  Coffee Break
10:30 Session 6 : Emotion and Music ; Chair  Tsukasa Kikuchi
(1-S)  Music synthesis based on impression and emotion of input documents,Saya Kanno, Takayuki Itoh (Ochanomizu University, Japan)and Hiroya Takamura (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

(2-S)  An Animal Image Haptization System with 3D Model,Takahiro Okubo, Katsuhito Akahane and Makoto Sato(Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

(3-S)  Hazumusic: A Musical Entertainment System with Ball Bouncing,Akihiro Matsuura(Tokyo Denki University, Japan), Hisashi Hashiguchi(Freelance game designer, Japan) and Yuki Nohara (epics Inc., Japan)

(4-S)  A Simplified Representation of Finite State Machines by Generic States,Mikael Fridenfalk (Uppsala University, Sweden)

(5-S)  Microtone Analysis of Blues Vocal - Can Hatsune-Miku sing the Blues? - ,Masaki Hayashi, Steven Bachelder and Masayuki Nakajima (Uppsala University, Sweden)
12:00 Lunch @ School Cafeteria 
12:30 Closing Celemony @ School Cafeteria

Optional Event
14:00 Tour Ticket  150SEK (including  Museum ticket 100SEK)
  Visby City Tour

Special Trial for Game Education

  • Scope
    In recent years, game creators' education became popular in high education and institutes all over the world. Its education includes arts, sciences, state of the arts, computer technology, design,market, service engineering... The talents and skill of game development is moving into diversity and individuality from a huge industry.

    The place and time of "Game Education" is not limited into the classroom. Now we should share state of "outdoor education" for game education.
    Participants and presenter of this session may obtain a new insight and share the current activities.

    Topics include below:
    - Case study through game jam
    - Project-based Learning through the exhibition
    - Syllabus in game education
    - Workshop
    - Student Contest

    Authors are not limited to only to introduce individual works, But also ongoing results in the community, management strategy and execution methods in this subject.

  • Submission
    Select "Special Trial for Game Education" category on EasyChair

  • Important days
    Apr. 10 : Deadline of submission
    Apr. 20 : Deadline of camera ready manuscript