Registration System in English


Authors ,who is not Japanese, have to pay registration fee ON-Site.
However you have to Registration via following y2z

y‚Pz  Registration(Pre registration by 25 Mayj

1DRegistration fee for Paper Author FYEN20,000 (250 S$)-

@@@@@ Recommend at least one registration for one paperB

2DRegistration fee for Poster Author : YEN 5,000-(80 S$)@@@@@@

@@@@ Recommend at least one registration for one Poster paper

@@@3. Attendance :YEN@5,000-(80S$)
@@@@@@@All of the attendance have to register.

y‚QzHow to Registration
@@@Please send your e-mail including the following information.
@@@Full name@and belonging (university etc.j
@@@Paper or poste number, if you are Author.

y‚RzHow to PayFOnly Bank taransfer

   @@@@MIZUHO BANK Oookayama branchi145j@

Acount number 1954519@ ToFGRIJUTSU KAGAKKAI(Œ|p‰ΘŠw‰ο)

@@@Please write uINT‚P‚Ovon the head of your nameB

Just after payment ,you have to send e-mail about your payment day etc. to