All papers

Keynote Session “Collaboration in Game Education and Industry in Sweden”
Chair: Steven Bachelder
Invited talk 1
Session 1 (Smulation)
Chair: Shinji Mizuno
Invited talk 2 for Game Exhibiton
Chair: Kunio Kondo
Poster Session (9 posters)
Chair: Hiroki Taskahashi
Session 2 (Basic CG technology)
Chair: Kouichi Konno
Session 3 (Vision and Visualization)
Chair: Shinya Miyazaki
Panel Discussion“How to design attractive Game”
Chair: Kazunori Miyata
Panelist: Kunio Kondo, Masasuke Yasumoto

Session 4 (Basic CG Technology)
Chair: Nobuhiko Mukai
Session 5 (Vision and Visualization)
Chair: Yoshihiro Kanamori
Special Session 2 “Introduction of Department of Game Design in Uppsala University”
Chiar: Masaki Hayashi
Session 6 (Emotion and Music)
Chair: Tsukasa Kikuchi