NICOGRAPH Dates and Venues


NICOGRAPH is a research paper contest in the area of computer graphics and multimedia hosted by the former Japan Computer Graphics Association Inc. since 1985. After the Multimedia Contents Promotion Association Inc. (MMCA) hosted the event for a number of years, NICOGRAPH is now organized by the Society of Art and Science since 2000. NICOGRAPF has a long history of publishing papers on computer graphics and multimedia, and has become an annual event for related persons in this area in Japan.

Rules and Regulations
NICOGRAPH Rules (Established May 2013)

Sample files for creating manuscripts
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List of committee members


Past NICOGRAPH events


Nicograph International (an international conference) is held alternately in an overseas country and Japan.

June 13th - 14th 2015 Tokyo City University Setagaya Campus, Japan HP
June 1st – 3rd 2014 Uppsala University, Campus Gotland, Visby, Sweden HP
June 2nd – 3rd 2013 Kyushu University Nishijin Plaza HP
July 2nd(Mon), 3rd (Tues) 2012 Hotel Santika, Bali, Indonesia CFP HP
June 10th (Fri), 11th (sat) Kanagawa Institute of Technology HP
June 18 - 19th 2010 FURAMA Riverfront, Singapore CFP(jp|eng) PG Info(jp| eng)
June 19 – 20th 2009 The Kanazawa Theatre CFP(jp |eng) PG HP
May 30 – 31st 2008 Pattaya Beach, Thailand CFP PG HP
May 25 – 26th 2007 Chukyo University, Toyota City CFP(html |pdf) PG Photo
June 2 – 3rd 2006 Korea University, Korea CFP(html |pdf) PG
April 30th – May 1st 2005 Morioka Grand Hotel CFP(html |pdf) PG PS Info
May 4 – 5th 2004 Hsinchu City, Hotel Royal Hsinchu, Taiwan CFP PG Info
June 9 -11th 2003 Tokyo Institute of Technology hosted CG International 2003
May 30th 2002 Tokyo University of Technology Ohokayama Campus Centennial Building PG

* CFP:Call for paper PG:Program PS:Poster Info:Information 3DF:3D Forum