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The Society for Art and Science is a new academic society targeting the fusion of art and science, considered increasingly important in the 21st century. The areas we cover include the following fields.

  1. Various fields that research art from scientific aspects
    Researches that are targeted at "art" and "artistic work" within researches that are classified in areas such as image engineering, cognitive science, psychology, sensibility engineering and information processing engineering, cultural studies, and cultural sociology. (The terms "art" and "artistic work" here are concepts widely covering the following: paintings, movies, computer graphics, games, animation, music, literature, theater, dance, installation, works on the web).
  2. Works of art created based on scientific methods
    Works of art created using new methods, tools and the like mainly in the field of digital art.
  3. Science and technology as the basis of creating art
    Works of art fields related to the methods of developing tools/software as the basis of creating art mainly in digital art.
  4. media research fields targeting works of art and artistic entertainment works
    Research in areas such as broadcasting and communication, in relation to distribution forms and delivery forms of art work.

We highly recommend that you register as a member.

An overview of our academic society activities

Research conferences (NICOGRAPH, NICOGRAPH International, Visual Expression, Art and Science Forum), publication of academic journal DiVA and other journals, seminars, various recommendations, and an annual ordinary general meeting.

Member benefits

  1. Posting and publishing of journals
    • Members can post a wide range of papers related to art and science.
    • At least one of the authors must be a full member.
  2. Work posted in the DiVA gallery
    • Members can post works in the academic journal DiVA.
    • Members’ works will be reviewed and posted for free.
  3. Activities as a society member
    • Members will receive the society’s latest information by an e-mail newsletter.
    • Members can work as a committee member of committees including the editorial board of the academic journal DiVA, the article journal committee, and the NICOGRAPH committee.

Other benefits currently planned include a members-only free publication of NICOGRAPH back number proceedings, and a members-only online publication of the Art and Science seminar.

Membership type

Full member
A person who has specialized knowledge or equivalent experience in arts, art and science, or other related subjects.
Student member
A student who is taking courses in art or art and science in a school that offers such courses.
Supporting member
An individual or organization that agrees with the purpose of our society and supports it.

Society fees

Admission fee
1000 yen (However, those who join as a Student Members, a Full Member of another society which has signed an admission fee waiver agreement with our board of directors, and any persons whom the board of directors accepts as having special circumstances is exempted from this fee.)
Annual fee
Full Member: ¥ 5,400 / Student Members: ¥ 2,400 / Supporting Member: ¥ 10,000 (per member)

※A Full Member may use automatic bank account transfers (the annual fee will be discounted to 5000 yen)Please print in color the A4 size account transfer request form fill out the necessary information, imprint your registered seal (inkan), and mail to the society office.
Credit card transaction is available for the payment of membership fee.
Please contact the society office if you apply credit card transaction.

How to join

Admission procedures (for Full Members and Student Members)

  1. Please use the Application Form on the web site.
  2. The board of directors will check the application form, and an admission acceptance notification and an invoice will be posted to the applicant in about 10 days.
  3. After confirming the invoice, please pay the annual fee within a month. The annual fee for the year of admission will be calculated in monthly installments.
  4. After the annual fee has been received, a receipt, membership card and other documents will be sent to the applicant.

((Note) For the admission of Supporting Members, please contact the society office directly.